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Instead of a "BANG", humanity is passing away with the shuffling of dead feet, and hungry moans. Desperate men and women fight against the rising tide for the newly risen dead.Sometimes, though, the undead are not he most dangerous things out there. Civilization has failed the test; the only thing left is survival.

Lazarus is just one of many places where humanity holds on by a thread, and life and death come as easily as a roll of the dice.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Dead Invade Spring Recruits 2011

Spring Recruits 2011 was held the weekend of March 25/26th/27th, in Lee's Summit, MO. Despite attending twice a year for the last 5-6 years, I had never run a game. So, this year I went ahead and jumped in. I ran several games of All Things Zombie called "The Mean Streets Lazarus". Despite having not played for 6 months, and winging some very unusual situations, I had a good time, and got nothing but good feedback from all the players. Here are some highlights of the weekend:

The Setup
Here are some photos of the setup for a couple of the games. The tiles are all 12x12, and the buildings are paper mounted on foam core.

Our words haunt us
Here are a series of pics that show that a GM needs to watch what he says. In the second game, the question that started it all was "How big is the the explosion of that propane storage tank?" "Twelve inch radius", I replied, not thinking. The next question was "Is the Mk 19 on that HMMWV operational?". "Sure", I replied, quickly adding, "but, you're not military, so you are at a -2 to hit anything with it.". The first pic shows us that if you roll a D6 enough, eventually, you are going to get a 6, as a Ganger pumps a 40mm round into a store full of Zombies. The pics after that shows us how our words sometimes come back to haunt us. The players got a big hoot out of the resultant mayhem; so much so that they did it in 4th game as well.

The best laid plans (or Include everyone in your schemes)
Going back to the second game, the players objective was to find the man with "The Cure". If doubles were rolled on a building search, the doctor was in the building. After finding him, l they had to make their way to the helipad in the center of the board. The doctor had to be on the pad, with no zombies within four inches of it. One of the teams found him on turn 2, remarkably, and headed quickly to the helipad. The other teams moved to intercept them. After a brief, but intense firefight, which cost the lives of several Grunts, and wounded several Stars, a truce was called, as the players decided they would all fly out on the helo together. The rescue helicopter was called in, and the area was cleared of zombies.

This is the point where mistakes that the GM make sometimes work in our favor :-) Our trigger happy Ganger (who happened to be my son) has a little bent out of shape that his Gangers were gong to be left behind, so he started chucking Mk19 rounds at the propane storage tank near the helipad. He got a hit and it went up in a blinding flash. The other players thought it was great, until they realized that the rescue chopper was caught in the rising fireball!

The Rep 3 pilot failed his "Loss Of Control" test and the went spinning into the ground and exploding.

A grizzly end...
In the last game, one to the players encountered four zombies on Turn 1, while searching a gas station. Over the next couple of turns, more and more popped up around him. His two man team fought them off valiantly, and left a path of dead zombies across the board. He decided he needed to get in a jeep to move faster. Unfortunately, a turn in which the Humans didn't activate left his jeep covered with zombies. The driver sped off, with 9 zombies clinging to it. He still had a chance, until the driver was "knocked down" and lost control. The ensuing crash, and resultant explosion, killed everyone, and thing, in and on the jeep; except his STAR, who was left unconscious. Alas, the next turn he became Zombie fodder.

Again in the final game, one of the teams had found the objective (a doctor with "The Cure"), and tried to get him to the helipad for rescue. The two man team ( a Rep 5 Star, and a Rep 4 Grunt) had found 4 Survivors (all Rep 3) while searching for the doctor, so he had a good sized force. The rescue heli wouldn't land, because there were zombies within 4 inches of the pad, so he had to clear the area. His team charged the pad and killed the 4 zombies that were on it. The next turn, Zombies won the initiative. Seventeen Zombies charged the valiant group. Turns out that none of the Rep 3 Survivors were all that valiant, as they all failed their "Being Charged" tests and ran for cover. This left the two team members alone on the pad. The resultant slaughter lead to the a mass of "See The Feast" tests. which led to a mass of insanity, running away, and curling up into fetal positions. Most notably, the rescue pilot decided that all was lost on the ground, and flew off; radioing for the "sterilization process" to be initiated.

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