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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Acheson ATZ Minis, The Sequel

I got a second batch of Acheson ATZ minis recently.  I wanted to see what more of the line looked like. This time I purchased the following sets: Male Crazies and Cultists #2 and Militia Sets #2 and #3.  The former was $7.50 and latter two were $8.00 each.  I'm unsure about the price increase, as the sculpts are all of the same quality.

Crazies and Cultists #2

As the name implies, this is he second set of lunatics in the ATZ line.  From left to right, this set contains Homeboy 1, a mad Scientist, Homeboy 2, and finally a real live Cultist.  Homeboys 1 and 2 both have automatic pistols, which they are holding in stereo-typical gansta fashion; Homeboy 1 also has a machete.  They both have on baggy pants and hoodies.  The mad Scientist looks just that...mad; crazy hair and all.  He looks as though he's getting ready to pounce on an unsuspecting victim.  The  Cultist is reading from an open book, and aiming a double barrel shotgun.  He's barefoot and wearing a robe; like cultists are known to do.

Ok, the next two sets are Militia.  I have to admit that like a doofus, I got the figs all jumbled together.  Unfortunately, there are not pics of them on the Acheson site, so I can't unjumble them. I put them together best I could; I may not be right, though.  So don't go holding me accountable if I you buy them and I was wrong.

Militia Set #2
 This set of 4 minis depicts soldiers, even though they are labeled as militia.  As you can see,  they differ in size enough that I mounted them on 2 types of bases; 3/4" fender washers and 25mm round slotta bases, fo more height.  They are kitted out with an assortment of nondescript gear.  These guys would fit as generic military forces from the late 80s, or early 90s.  They also could pose as a rag tag para military group.  As far as weapons go they are armed with (from L to R),  and M-203, and M-16, what looks like an M-4, and an AR-15, with a grenade launcher.

Militia Set #3
The last set of figs are larger than the other ones; noticeably.  They are an interesting bunch.  Starting from the left, there is another pilot, who is wielding an M-14.  The next figure is armed with a SAW looking weapon.  It seems a little small; it does the job, though.  The third figure has a scoped M-16.  The final figure is decked out in aviation gear and is armed with a Mini-gun.  Yes a Mini-gun, ammo back pack and all.  As far as everyone's gear does, the air crew have flight helmets and suits on.  The other two are decked out like the other militia figs.

Again, for the price of admission, I'd say these are worth it.  They aren't top of the line sculpts.  Flash is minimal on all the figs, and mold lines aren't bad at all.  The detail is good; everything looks like it is supposed to.  The barrel of the kneeling fig's M-16 was broken off inside the package.  It was easily repaired.  If you want some inexpensive figs for you table top, I'd say these fit the bill.


  1. Those look pretty good. Thanks for the review. I might end up getting some of these.

  2. More figures to add to my shopping list.

  3. Those Militia sets look pretty good


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