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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Inexpensive 15mm(ish) Vehicles

You may have seen some vehicles in my recent AARs that fit well in 15mm.  Vehicles that really fit 15mm can be hard to come by.  HO scale vehicles tend to be a bit over sized, as HO scale is 1/87 and 15mm is closer to 1/100.  Plus, they can be expensive; costing from $3 up to $15 each, depending on what you get.  Cheaper toys may not hurt the pocket book as much, but tend to look like...well, cheap toys..

The vehicles shown in my pics come from Hobby Lobby.  They sell as a product called "Toobs", for about $8.89 + tax. There are several different sets pf "Toobs", covering various subjects.  This set is called "On The Road"
   It contains vehicles in 3 different scales.  Inside, the contents are:

The motorcycle and quad are big, too big to even use with 28mm figs.  The semi, firetruck and bus might fit 10mm; I haven't checked, yet.  The vehicles we are concerned with, the van, police car, pick-up and Mustang, fit with 15mm perfectly, as you can see below.

With a little bit of work you get vehicles that look great on your table  All I did was wash them with a black ink/Future wash, then pained the windows and lights.  I added some rust spots to one of the pickups, as well.  In the end, they each end up costing around $2.25 each. That's assuming you have zero need for the other scaled vehicles, or can't find someone to buy the extra vehicles off you.
Pickup Trucks with a couple of Peter Pg AK-47 minis, and a recoil-less rifle.
Delivery van in UPS livery, and a couple of not-Mustangs with a Rebel Mini ganger.

Some police cars and SWAT van, again with Rebel Minis figs.  The SWAT van is the delivery truck, with a light bar made from sprue, and repainted.  I am thinking about getting some custom decals for the Swat and Delivery vans from a local model RR shop.  Even w/o the decals, they work great.   I just noticed that I need to finish the windows on the Swat van...grrr.


  1. I really like the way you painted the windows.... I must copy that.... ;)

  2. Great find, I'll have to keep an eye out for them

  3. Superb touch-ups, they relaly make these. Nice find and great work.

  4. They are good value for money and they look great when they've been given a lick of paint. I particularly like your police vehicles.

  5. They are really nice in scale. And great paintjobs!

  6. Great idea! And as mentioned above, the touch ups to the paintjob is superb!

  7. Just found these, very nice. Great colours.


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