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Lazarus is just one of many places where humanity holds on by a thread, and life and death come as easily as a roll of the dice.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reach Out And Touch Someone - Spec Ops Shooter

A lot of noise can bring down a world of pain, these days.  So can a big crowd.  There are times when a lone survivor, with special skills, can do more than an entire truck load of yokels loaded for bear.  Here's just the man for the job.

This is another mini from Black Cat Bases. I bought it because it's a neat fig; the pose is a little constricting for game play, IMO, though. I wish they had a version of him moving, with the rifle at the hunt position.  I finished painting it, sat back, and asked myself , "What the heck an I going to do with it now?"


  1. This is a cool figure - I have the version with cow boy hat on my to get list.

  2. Nice figure. Every group of survivors should have a sniper in their team. Team Vampifan are still looking for one.

  3. Don't forget the fate of japanese snipers of Resident Evil IV (I think it's IV)...

  4. Very nice figure. I have a long shopping list of stuff to get from Blackcat bases.

  5. You could easily have him in support of the main group up on top of a semi trailer, in a tower, on the roof of a tall building, etc... Plus if you are playing ATZ you play him as having a Bolt Action rifle with scope, and he has the marksman attribute you have a 60 inch range (due to the marksman attribute) and a total of 3d6 when firing, if you wanted to call him as in a prone position (even though he technically isnt) then that would add another 1d6 to your roll when firing. Plus if you have the Haven Hostage Rescue scenario (available separately then Haven, as a free download over on the THW yahoo Group, or at least it was available a couple months ago), then you have access to the rules for suppressed firearms, which it looks like he may have on his firearm above (or it could be a bull/heavy barrel, to help improve the accuracy).


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