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Friday, September 30, 2011

15mm Hedges - An Idle Mind At Work

Something nice and simple this time around...

I was fiddling around, trying to come up with, yet another, an easy way to make hedges.  Yes, things like this are what I do when my mind is idle.  Here's what I came up with:
15mm Peter Pig Marines, and an Irish Serb HMMV for size reference.

The bases (there are 3 pieces in the pic) are made from a Sintra like plastic, painted earth tone, with Woodland Scenics lichen glued to them.  The gate is from a pack I got at a convention many moons ago for $1.  Upside is that they were cheap; made with stuff I had on hand, and easy; longest time block used was figuring how to paint the plastic bases, as the paint didn't want to stick.  The down side is that the lichen seems very fragile, if you will.  Because of that, even though I will make more of these pieces, they are not something that I would travel and play with.  They will be strictly for use in the hobby cave.


  1. they look good, i use green pot scrubs for hedges, they are cheap and work well

  2. Nice hedges. Simple and cheap - both of which I like!

  3. I made some like that with the lichen, because I was doing the bocage. It looked great, but after a couple of years they were all pretty flattened from storing in a box. I still use them, but they aren't as nice as when they were new.

  4. Landorl, here's a though. Maybe you can spruce them up with a little Elmer's glue and some flock. Take an old brush and "paint" the lichen w/ some Elmers. Then, sprinkle on some flock.

    That might freshen them up a bit,a nd add some more life to them.


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