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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Walking Dead Returns

 This is one of those posts from the  "In Case You Missed It" Dept.  Last night, 10/16/11, was the 2nd season premiere of AMC's "The Walking Dead".  I have to admit my geek meter was pegged.  As a zombie gamer it was a good week for fodder to get the juices flowing.  Season 1 of " The Walking Dead" came out on Netflix Instant Watch, so I had something to throw on while hiding out in the hobby cave this last week. 

Then, yesterday AMC showed all the TWD -  Season 1 episodes during the day, leading up to the premiere.  Since my Chiefs weren't taking the field, I had a bit of free time, for a change, on a fall Sunday afternoon.  So I bounced back and forth to AMC all day.  Also, AMC has some decent Walking Dead "webisodes" and videos on the TWD site, along with other show related vids.  The whole site is really well done, and I say that from an IT Professional stand point, not just a zombie geek one.  Then of course the premeir last night.

One last thing, a comment on last night's episode, and Season 2.  I liked it.  My expectations were met, and I look forward to the rest of the season.  I will say this, though.  The producers and writers of the show are cruel SOBs.  The story thus far has really diverged from the graphic novels.  Not a bad thing; it just is what it is.  Last night, they threw out a what looked like a bone to those who had read the graphic novels, only to take the story in a completely  different direction.  It wasn't a shock to me; I will venture that some of the print purists were a little shocked by it, though :-)

TWD definitely gets my zombie gaming juices flowing, so as I said at the outset, I really had a good zombie gaming week, because of it's return to the idiot box.


  1. im in ireland,so we will have to wait a few weeks/months for it on tv, but im downloading ep 1 at the moment, only 4 minutes to go,i feel like a kid on christmas eve lol

  2. It was a good episode last night, but AMC was out of control with the commercials. By the end of the show, they were down to 4 minute segments of actual show time, and that was equal to the commercial time. It ruined the flow of the show for me.

    I haven't read the comics yet, and I think I want to wait until the show is done before I get into them, but I am finding it harder to resist.

  3. i just watched my download, looks like its gonna be a great season, much better than season 1

    @adam-download it on the monday,no commercials

  4. Can't wait, love that show, have to down load it.

  5. We watched it last night, after recording it the night before. Really liked it. That was true about the commercials, crazy frequent toward the end.


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