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Lazarus is just one of many places where humanity holds on by a thread, and life and death come as easily as a roll of the dice.

Friday, October 14, 2011

More 15mm(ish) Cars

I was digging around in my bit box for some things.  Way down at the bottom of it, I found some 15mm(ish) vehicles.  I don't remember where they came from.  I'm thinking they were from a car hauler that I used for another project, or maybe they came in an E-Bay purchase I got many moons ago.  Anyway, I remember throwing them in the bit box, because they looked bad and I couldn't use them; cheap looking, the tires were WAY to small, and I was doing 20mm at the time.

With my current emphasis on 15mm in mind, I dug them out to see if I could come up with anything.  The tires; the tires were still a problem.  I looked around a bit more and came up with a solution.  I cut the wheels off some of the left over, out of scale vehicles from my previous vehicle project and replaced the tires.  It worked better than I imagined it would.  So, here I am with some rather unique 15mm vehicles; an extended cab pick-up, a VW Beetle, and Jeep Commander looking SUV:

Additionally, there was a truck that was missing the glass, for some reason. I mulled ideas around and came up with this; a burned out vehicle:

Those are the original tires, painted to look like rims.


  1. Those vehicles look great. I followed the link to the previous post using the Toobs set. That was very well done. I especially like what you did with the police cars, van and UPS van. I think the wheel swap came out very well, also. You don't happen to have a pic of the new vehicles before the wheel swap, do you? It would be nice to see the change from before and after.

  2. Luckyjoe,
    Unfortunately, the closest pic I have to the original is the burnt out truck. Imagine it in a shiny, plastic orange.

  3. Yup can imagine what they looked like nice job with the new tyres....

  4. they look great,how did you get the burnt out effect??


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