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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mantic Zombies - The Start Of A 28mm Horde

I made the decision to game the Zombie Apocalypse in 15mm several years ago.  For some reason, though, recently I've had the itch to start collecting minis to game it in 28mm.  There are just so many excellent minis for the genre now, I can't fight it.  To that end, I went out and got a Mantic Zombie Regiment box set, containing 30 plastic zombies.

You get 10 identical sprues, with 3 torsos, 3 legs, several left arms variants, and 5 heads.  The only problem I see with the set has is that the right arms are attached to the torsos; not separate, like the left ones. This does lead to a limited amount of poses you can make.  Still, the figs paint up quiet nicely, with lots of character, and despite the fact that they are meant for use in a fantasy setting, they will work quite well in a modern Zombie Apocalypse.  In my opinion, these are the best plastic zombies on the market, and some of the best in general; plastic or metal.

On these figures I used what I call "The Dip Plus" method.  That is blocking in the base colors, using "The Dip" method, then going back and heavily highlighting the figs.  It is a bit more involved than a basic Dip, and not as much work as doing a "proper" paint job on them.  I based them on the 25mm square bases that come with the set.  You could just as easily base them on other style/size bases, though.  I will use them to fill out the coming horde; sprinkling in modern looking metal ones.  Here are a couple of my favorite figs from the batch:


  1. Very good paintjob! I like very much the Mantic Zombie.

  2. Outstanding work! I have started doing the Block-Dip-Highlight method too, and have been really please at how quickly you can paint a nice looking figure. Seeing your zombies makes me eager to start painting my Mantic mini-horde.

  3. Very cool I plan to start my horde in the new year with this set to get me cheaply started off

    Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

  4. I have mantics zombies as well. They are pretty great.

    You have done good work on these guys!

    Merry christmas mate

  5. They do look good. Congrats on taking the step up to 28mm scale. You know it makes sense!

  6. Those look very nice. Your enhanced dip method works very well. I have some 28mm Zombies made from Wargames Factory legs and Mantic torsos and heads. I'm going to try your method when I paint them.

  7. These look great! I bought some recently but haven't stuck them together yet. I emailed someone at Mantic and they should be selling me some round bases in their style (i prefer round bases for skirmish games).
    Where can I find out more about the block and dip method you used?

  8. Lovely minis and a great paint job


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