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Instead of a "BANG", humanity is passing away with the shuffling of dead feet, and hungry moans. Desperate men and women fight against the rising tide for the newly risen dead.Sometimes, though, the undead are not he most dangerous things out there. Civilization has failed the test; the only thing left is survival.

Lazarus is just one of many places where humanity holds on by a thread, and life and death come as easily as a roll of the dice.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Code Blue: ATZ Campaign Day 2

An uneventful shift change took place.   There were a couple of gang bangers, from different gangs, in the exam rooms.  They each had a buddy in the waiting area, who were giving one another the ole stink eye.  The only unusual thing  was the police officer who had been brought in with a nasty wound to his neck.  Even though he had lost a lot of blood, the ER staff had managed to stabilize him.  Curious thing was that despite their efforts, he had immediately begun to go down hill.  They were waiting for an ICU bed to open up in the morning so they could move him upstairs.  Until then, he was in the ER, being monitored by the doctors and nurses.  His vitals were widely erratic, for reasons unknown, and they weren't sure he was going to make it through the night.  Being unwed, his partner was the only person, other than the ER staff, keeping a vigil for him, and he had gone out to grab a change of clothes and bite around midnight. 

The intake nurse sat at the front desk watching the 2 gangers; lest trouble start.  Security was nearby, but still...  At 3:43 the PA system rang out "Code Blue, Code Blue, ER, Stat". The nurse stuck her head around the corner and saw a bustle of activity, as her colleagues frantically worked to save the police officer.  She went back to the front to ensure nothing happened there.  Shortly, a male nurse stepped out and said that the policeman had died, and no one knew why.  He turned around and went back to tend to the body and clean up.  The nurse shook her head, thinking, "Wow, what a way to start the day..."

Special rules: 
  • The Police Zombie gets a free move at the start of the game and the first human it sees automatically passes 0 on a "Zed no Zed" test.  People still do not understand what is going on. 
  • Since the ER staff is trained to save lives, they will try to subdue the zombie, instead of killing it. All melee by ER staff result in a "Knock-down" on the Police Zombie
  • Two hospital security will arrive, 1 D-6 turns after the zombie's first attack. They are armed with pistols and batons.  They will not have any qualms with dispatching a zombie, if a death has occurred by the time they arrive.
  • OD zombie victims will re-animate 1 full turn after their death; what ever is causing re-animation is especially virulent at this point. 
  • One gang banger, in each gang, is armed with a pistol; randomly decided on first activation.
The map represents the inside of Lazarus General Hospital's ER, which is located in downtown Lazarus.  There are 6 ER staff ( 2 Doctors and 4 Nurses, all Rep 3) going about their nightly duties.  There are 4 gang bangers (all Rep 3), two of which are randomly armed with pistols.  There are 2 in the waiting area, and one each in a couple of exam rooms.  The body of Officer Jones lies on a table in the main ER area, being attended to by one of the nurses.
Z1 - Zombie Officer Jones, N1 - Nurse Davis, N2 - Nurse Sams, N3 - Nurse Thomas, N4 - Reception Nurse, D1 - Dr. Salvena, D2 - Dr. Epping, G1 - Tito, G2 - Tiny, G3 - Beebo, G4 - Ghost

Note:  While I like ATZ's rules for action inside buildings for their simplicity, I wanted more detail.  The only thing that kept me from building a 3-d version of the ER is the fact that I have too many projects going on as it is.  I wouldn't be able to play this scenario for months, if I did.  I downloaded a floor plan off the web, and used Photoshop to edit and scale it for 15mm.  I then printed it out and taped it together.   You can get the blank floor plan here: Floor Plan.

Turn 1 (Zombie Surprise Attack)
Turn 1 - Nurse Davis is killed by Zombie Officer Jones
Zombie Move: The body of Officer Jones rises silently from the table and attacks the Nurse Davis from behind (+2D6 for Melee). Nurse Davis is knocked OOF.

Turn 2 and 3 (Zombies Active, Humans Inactive)
Zombie Move: Zombie Officer J begins to munch on Nurse Davis for 2 turns.

Turn 4 (Humans 2, Zombies 1)
Turn 5 - The Humans "See The Feast"
Human Move: Nurse Sams leaves Beebo, a Crip gangster, in Exam Room 1 to get some gauze. He turns the corner into the Procedure Room and nearly trips over Zombie Officer J and the body of Nurse Davis (Zombie Surprise Totals 10 vs 4). He manages to keep Zombie Officer J at bay, as he tries to bite him. Other staff come running.  Reception Nurse pushes the panic button and stays at her desk (Security will arrive as the last human move on turn 9).  Nurse Thomas comes from the lounge  and freezes (Pass 0 "Wanting To Charge"). Dr. Epping saunters from the lab see about the ruckus (Pass 0 on Fast Move, unable to reach melee). Dr. Salvena leaves Tito, a Blood gangster, in Exam Room 4 and goes down the hallway; freezing when she sees the scene (Pass 0 "Wanting To Charge").

Zombie Move: Zombie Officer J manages to take a hunk out of Nurse Sams neck, putting him OOF.

Turn 5 - Dr. Salvene faces the zombies.
Turn 5 (Zombies 4, Humans Inactive)
Zombie Move: Zombie Officer J begins feasting on Nurse Sams. All the humans in LOS take a "See The Feast" test. Dr. Salvena isn't shocked and stands her ground. Dr. Epping turns and locks himself in the X-Ray room, whimpering. Nurse Thomas screams and runs back to the Employee Lounge. She locks the door and begins piling furniture against it. The body of Nurse Davis stirs and rises.

Turn 6 (Zombies 1, Humans Inactive)
Zombie Move: Both Zombies charge Dr. Salvena, who is unable to get way. As Zombie Officer J grapples with her, Zombie Nurse Davis attacks and knocks her OOF.

Turn 7 - Action in the hallway.
Turn 7 (Humans 3, Zombies 2)
Human Move: Tito sticks his head out of Exam Room 4 and sees the zombies attacking Dr. Salvena. He pulls a pistol from his waistband and fires once wildly down the hall. In the waiting room, Ghost, Beebo's Crip Homie, pulls his pistol out and scans the room after he hears the shot. He sees a Blood across the room and takes aim. Tiny, the 2nd Blood gangster sees Ghost aiming at him and ducks into the hallway. Ghost cautiously stalks him across the room (Pass 0 "Fast Move"). The Reception Nurse ducks under the counter as Ghost goes by.

As Tiny enters the hallway, he sees the Zombies attacking the downed doctor and freezes. Zombie Nurse Davis turns and charges him (pass 1 "Zed no Zed"). He stands his ground as the zombie charges into melees with him. Beebo looks in the hallway, from Exam Room 1, and sees all the action.  He decides it's time to leave. The only problem is that the hallway is choked with tussling bodies. He must charge past the grappling Tiny and zombie. Unfortunately, he gets tangled up with them (pass 0"Wanting To Charge", GMs prerogative).

Zombie Move: Zombie Officer J begins to feast on Dr. Salvena for 2 turns. Zombie Nurse Sams rises and joins him. Tiny reaches up and snaps Zombie Nurse Davis's neck as they melee; killing it.

Turn 8 (Humans 2, Zombies Inactive)
Human Move: Tiny and Beebo are locked in melee. Ghost comes up behind Tiny and shoots him in the back, killing him (OD result in Melee). Tito sees this from down the hall and shoots at the Crips. He hits Beebo, knocking him down and stunning him (pass 2 "Knockdown Recovery). Ghost ducks back into the Waiting Room.

Turn 9 -Beebo goes down as the zombies feed.
Turn 9 (Humans 3, Zombies Inactive)
Human Move: Tito fires at the Zombies in the hallway, hitting Zombie Nurse Sams killing it. Ghost steps into the hallway, reaching down to help Beebo, firing at Tito in the process. He hits him in the chest and knocks him OOF. Ghost grabs Beebo and drags him through the Waiting Room and out the front door.

 Hospital Security finally arrives. They come up the stairs and turn the corner into the Procedure Room. They spy Zombie Officer J feasting n Dr. Salvena. SO Jenkins is unfazed (pass 2 "See The Feast), but SO Duncan freaks out and turns back around the corner and hides stunned in the stairwell. SO Jenkins draws his baton and advances, but is unable to reach the zombie.

Turn 10 (Humans 2, Zombies Inactive)
Turn 10 - SO Jenkins standing over the dead
Human Move: SO Jenkins raises his baton and brings it squarely down on Zombie Police J's head several times, eventually killing it.

Turns 11 and 12 (Both Inactive)

Turn 13 (Zombies 4, Humans 1)
Turn 13 - The undead Dr. Salvena chases SO jenkins
Zombie Move: Both Zombie Dr Salvena and Tito reanimate. SO Jenkins sees this and turns on his heels retiring (Pass 0 on all related tests). He takes cover behind the counter in the Procedure Room, drawing his gun. The Zombie follows, but is unable to reach him.

Human Move: SO Jenkins regains his wits, as he crouches in cover (Pass 2 "Rally").

Turn 14 (Zombies 1, Humans Inactive)
Turn 14 - Zombie Tiny advances.
Zombie Move: Zombie Tiny sees Tito laying in the doorway, down the hall, and advances on him. Zombie Dr. Salvena charges SO Jenkins. As they fight, SO Jenkins manages to put his gun under the zombies chin and pull the trigger. The body falls to the ground, unmoving.

Turn 15 (Zombies 3, Humans 2)
Zombie Move: Zombie Tiny reaches Tito and begin feasting on him for 2 turns.

Human Move: SO Jenkins calls for SO Duncan to follow him. SO Duncan hunkers down and refuses to move. SO Jenkins cautiously moves across the room into the hallway. He sees Zombie Tiny bent over a prone body. He yells at it to freeze, which causes the zombie to charge (pass 1 "Zed No Zed"). Shocked he doesn't shoot and the zombie reaches him. The zombie seriously mauls him (OOF Melee Result)

Turn 16 (Humans 1, Zombies Inactive)
Human Move: The Reception Nurse uses the lull to vault the front desk and run out the door.

Turn 17 - Zombies make their way out into the city.
Turns 17 and 18 (Zombies Active, Humans Inactive)
Zombie Moves: SO Jenkins’s body reanimates, as does Tito's. The three Zombies follow the trail of fresh blood Beebo left behind out the ER door and into the night.

The police arrived shortly after the zombies slipped into the darkness. Even the most stalwart of the officers as shocked at the viciousness of it all. It took over an hour to coax a frighted doctor out of his hiding place. The survivors spoke of  dead bodies getting up and cannibalism.  The police wrote it off to hysteria.  One of the officers believed them, even if he didn't say so out loud.  Officer Baakus just went about his job.  Much to the Mayor's officer dismay, the news media got a hold of the accounts.  They went into a frenzy, as city officials did their best to calm the public down.


  1. Great Stuff! I've enjoyed following this!

    Sadly, I was pulling for Security Officer Jenkins...it never fails, when I get attached to a character, they always get eaten, blown up, or maimed in some way...LOL!

    I wonder what happened to the nurse that ran outside..as well as the gang members that escaped? Will Officer Baakus pursue any of this, or just let it go?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

    Thanks again!

  2. Wonderfully evocative, chaotic zombiefight. Great scenario. Awesome stuff.


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