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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sgt Major Miniatures - Get Some! 28mm (Pt. 1)

I wanted to check out Sgt. Major Miniatures, and see what they were like.  I'm gonna offer up a brief WIP and review of them.  I bought these in primarily to use in a Post Apoc setting.   With that said, the Chem Suited troopers would work great in a Zombie game.

I ordered 2 packs of minis from their 28MM "Get Some" range; Codes Pulp 11 and Scifi 11.  I ordered them late Friday April the 9th.  They arrived today, Thursday the 14th, via USPS Priority Mail.  The total cost , with shipping was $30.20 USD; which has each of them costing $3.02 each. 

PULP 11 are Soldiers in Chemical Gear 1, and are armed with M-16s.  They have an 80's vibe to them, but they are nondescript.  The gas masks are not 1980s military issue, but rather like the newer ones.  The sculpts are good, with decent details,and the poses are great, IMO.  The only down side to them was the amount of flash on them, and the fact that one of the castings was really mis-aligned.  I know that this happens, so I am reserving judgment until I get another order of figs from them.  It took me an hour to get most of the flash off, and fix the mis aligned fig.

SCI-FI 11 are described as "Space Cannibals"  on the SMM site.  A better description should be "Not Firefly Reavers" :-)  The Get Some 28MM SciFi line thus far released/pictured is "Not Firefly", so it's all good.  The amount of flash on them was far less than on the other set.  Again, the sculpts are good, with decent detail, and the poses are very animated.  The faces have what I would call a Troglodyte look about them, making them look rather primal.  They are armed with improvised armor, and weapons fashioned from scrap metal.  The only down side is the fact that some of the hands are rather "mushy" on the sculpting. 

Here's a photo comparing them with some Foundry Street Violence figs, and an Alpha Forge one; from L to R , Street Violence, SMM Pulp 11, Street Violence, SMM SciFi 11, Alpha Forge.  They are smaller; but not enough to preclude them from use, IMO.

The Pulp 12 and SciFi 12 codes have the same type of figs in different poses, giving you a good variety in a ten man unit.  A big plus is that they are a lot cheaper than other ranges; Foundry's Street Violence and Pig Iron come to mind first.  The down side is that the crispness of the sculpts are not  as good as the more expensive figs.  Being a frugal gamer, the trade off is quite fine with me.  There is no doubt in my mind that both these lines are perfect for Post Apoc gaming, and I plan on getting more, in the near future, as I bulk up my Post Apoc forces. 

I give them a thumbs up.

Addendum: I originally posted the above on a Post Apoc gaming forum I frequent.  I let Andy at SMM know about the review, out of courtesy.  Upon hearing about the mis-aligned figure, he immediately offered to replace it, free of charge.  There was no need to do that; still the offer was greatly appreciated, and my stock in his company went up even further.  Good customer service is always a plus.


  1. Love those soldiers in chemical gear.

  2. Just wait, putting together the accompanying pack, and painting them. Should have pics next week.


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