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Friday, May 6, 2011

Sgt Major Miniatures - Get Some! 28mm (Pt. 2)

I liked the first two packs I got from SMM, so I went ahead and order the packs that compliment the ones I had.  I got SMM Pulp 12 and SciFi 12 packs.  Again, shipment was fast, and communications were excellent.  The flash on both sets was WAY less on these figs than on the original batch I got.  Both packs  give a good mix of poses for 10 man units.  Here's what they look like.

Pulp 12 has 5 minis in it, one of which is a com guy; that's the guy in the middle.  The only down side to the Pulp11/12 packs is the absence of support weapons.  I told Andy he needs to offer a support pack with 2 M-203s, an M-60E1, and a M-14 with Starlight Scope (very 80's), so people can field a complete squad with attached support.  Anyway, I've based them on 25mm rounds, in an attempt to give them some height.

SciFi 12 adds 5 more feral looking figs.  Again based to give them some height.  I may buy one more pack of these and convert them to carry guns; giving the unit a little more punch.

The next post will show what the Soldiers in Chem Gear look like painted up and ready rock n roll.


  1. Nice. Like what you've done with the basing on these so far too.

  2. If your after figs with Starlight scopes The Assault Group has some in the vietnam range



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