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Lazarus is just one of many places where humanity holds on by a thread, and life and death come as easily as a roll of the dice.

Monday, April 16, 2012

I Got My Khurasan Survivors and Zombies

I am a little geeked out about this.  I ordered the new Surivors and Zombies from Khurasan Miniatures the day they were released; what 3 days ago?  They arrived in the mailbox this afternoon.  I think that everything else is going to be put on hold, while I bomb these out.

My first impressions are that they were worth the money.  Seeing them in person, I appreciate the paint jobs on the Khurasan website even more.  These are loaded with detail.  It's going to be fun to paint these not-Walking Dead survivors.

The figs will fit in well with my other 15mm figs, and will make a good addition to my collection.  Below you see Rick and Shane with a Peter Pig Marine and a Rebel Mini Policeman.
The zombies are superb in the flesh, as well.  My only complaint, if you could call it that, is that the minis do have some flash on them.  It all looks minimal, though, and shouldn't be that hard to clean up.
Every zombie is a unique pose.  That should come in handy in adding some variety to my horde.  As you can see below, they scale well with my current Rebel Mini zombies, too.
Honestly, I think the crew at Khurasan have raised the bar on 15mm figure manufacturing, across the board.  They definitely have placed their zombie gaming figs above the fold, in my opinion.


  1. Really nice work. More and more you're convicing me to make the switch to 15mm for Zombi gaming.

  2. Looking pretty damn good!

    Tempted...Very tempted.....

  3. They're really great! Now you can kill Shane yourself! :P

  4. I'm so jealous :P. Look forward to seeing your painted versions

  5. Oh, those are very nice. I've been resisting buying these but you're making it more and more difficult. :)

  6. I need another scale pretty much as another hole in my head, but if I ever go to 15mm I'll definitely grab these.

    Thank you for the review!!


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