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Monday, November 21, 2011

A question of scale..."Why 15mm?"

Mathyoo's question on the previous thread of "Why 15mm" was a very valid one.  I wrestled with it when I decided to start my ATZ project.  I'd be interested to hear why others went with the scale they did.

To recap my reasons, they were:
1) Economy of cost: 15mm is way cheaper than the other scales.
2) Economy of scale: I can put a lot more "stuff" on the table. Plus, I would need a 10x10 table, minimum, to host what do on a 3x3. It takes up a lot less storage space, too.
3) Economy of time: It takes a lot less time to get 15mm stuff ready for the table; especially when I have a one off thing I need, quickly.

I think hearing how multiple others went about deciding on what scale to go with would be of benefit for any aspiring gamers, too.   So, if you'd like to chime in, feel free to do so...it's several days before the next scheduled post, so fire away!


  1. I went with 15mm because at the time I started 15s I was splitting my time between a small apartment in another city during the week and weekends at my home 120 miles away. All for the 3 reasons you sited. Especially storage.

  2. I started out with 1/72 plastics when I was a kid...so the whole range of 1/76, 1/72, 20mm are near and dear to my heart. Therefore, WW2 and Moderns are pretty much 20mm only for me. I think it's a good compromise among cost, availability, and size.

    Sci-Fi is whole 'nother barrel of monkeys. I'm torn between the awesome 28mm stuff available and the ability to kitbash the heck out of it and the availability/cost/size of 15mm. As of this weekend, 15mm has won. I decided I would tried my hand at kitbashing some 15mm figs and pack away my 28mm stuff. Main reason: the cost of vehicles. Vehicles, in my opinion, are a necessary evil in Sci-Fi gaming, at least for Tomorrow's War and 5150:Star Army. I just can't justify spending that much on 28mm vehicles at this point. And honestly, there's OODLES of 15mm Sci-Fi figs and vehicles available, I picked up some Matchbox cars the other night that are perfect for 15mm Sci-Fi.

    In short, the scale decision (for me) boils down to what's available and affordable for the genre I'm into. An example, Star Wars...kinda hard to do that in any other scale but 28mm thanks to WOTC! For vehicles I use some of the many Transformer/Star Wars crossover toys, and they can be found for a reasonable price.

    Probably not much help, but that was a glimpse of my decision making process. All 3 points FF made, are great units of measure for deciding which scale to jump into.


  3. My personal choice is I just prefer 28mm. There for me is just more quality choice amongst this range from various manufacturers. Vehicle's i'm not so fussed about its not like Joey civilian is going to be able to drive a tank in an apocalypse.

    If i can get a few toy vehicles that fit the theme along the way great but i'm not fussed.

    15mm for me is harder to paint as it is smaller (duh).
    Less choice with the ATZ theme sure plenty of Military factions. But for civilian types the figures out there just don't float my boat. Again this is a personal choice.

    I can agree the smaller size is great for storage etc. But for me its 28mm all the way

  4. My reasons for going with 28mm match up with Brummie almost perfectly.

  5. I have found that I will chop and change scales depending on what minis are availible, I try and buy minis that appeal to me and that cover eveything I want to do in a genre, but my preferance is 15mm, for all the reasons you cited and also for the quality of 15mm's today.
    so far I have purchased two 28mm genres, zombies and Vietnam war, in 20mm I have purchased two lots of WW2, and in 15mm two lots also, there are no rules for me :)

  6. Hello,

    This is my first comment to your blog, but I found it a few weeks ago and just got caught up on reading it. First off, I really like your blog! With that being said, I game in way too many scales for way too many different periods / systems. Depending on what game that I am doing, depends on the scale. I am pretty much getting out of the 25/28mm scale because of cost and space. But I am still keeping several of my 25/28mm stuff, except where I can replace it with a small scale. For example, I got rid of a lot of my 25/28mm zombie stuff to do it in 20mm (which I will explain later), but kept some survivor figures because I really like the sculpt.

    While I have not really started my 20mm zombie project, I choose that scale as I am going heavy into 20mm's for a Cold War period for gaming, including Post-Apoc. I had a lot of 20mm figures that I had from the '80's and early '90's that would fit this period and found a lot of model OO scale British RR stuff that will fit in perfectly for scale. Since the bulk of my 20mm Cold War stuff was British anyway, it all ties in nicely for a 1970's-'80's UK zombie outbreak. On my blog under the "Urban Operations" labels/tags are the start of "Anarchy in the UK" 20mm project, which will include the zombie plague.



  7. You face exactly the same choice that i have. 15mm, 20mm or 28mm.
    I plumped for 15mm scifi but i can use the sci fi buildings for zombie themed encounters. There is a lack of economical modern vehicles and buildings, bar cardstock, in this scale. A plus is the 2'x2' table
    20mm for zombie games, the excellent Elheim zombies and railway civilains make hoarde easy. The buildings can be picked up cheaply from E-Bay and the cardstock buildings are easy in this scale. An acceptable sized 4'x4' table
    28mm plus points a great range of miniatures, plastic zombies but por modern buildings except carstock. The most expensive option and table storage is a concern.
    I opted for 20mm


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