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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I got a Zuzzy, I got a Zuzzy...

Photo From Zuzzy.com
I received my long awaited Zuzzy gaming mat last week.  I ordered a 4'x6'  Wounded City mat and am quite pleased,  The wait was longer than anticipated.  Zuzzy set the expectation of 2-5 weeks.  It actually took about 7 1/2.  In their defense, at exactly 5 weeks I received an email from them saying that the had received a larger than expected amount of orders, and had had some problems with their vinyl vendor.  They apologized, and said that my order would be out shortly, and it was.  Kevin even threw in complimentary 14"x11" swath of mat for free.

Here are my impressions on the products. The mat came in a square cardboard tube, which will come in handy for storage.  The label on the package inside came with instructions on how to paint the mat;  I'll get back to that in a second.  The mat was considerably thinner than I had expected.  Still, it seems pretty durable.  The detail on the mat is exactly as pictured on the Zuzzy site.  I painted the small swath according to the instruction.  First I washed it with a black wash ( 20/1 Future/Black ink).  Next I dry brushed it with white, and dappled it with brown.  Finally, I painted the brick with Burnt Seinna, Cadnium Red, and Pumpkin Orange.  As you can see it turned out nicely.

Finally, I wanted to make sure that everything matched I broke out one of my finished TEOTWAWKI pieces and put it on top.  It all matched up well, although I may need to rethink my basing on future pieces.  I can work the cracked look into future ones to make it more seamless.

Even though I most likely will never use this for a zombie game, it could be used for that purpose.  Zuzzy has several other that definitely fit the bill for a zombie table.


  1. Very nice. I like your paint job on the mat a lot, especially the exposed brick. The Zuzzy mats are great, and you've done a great job on yours.

  2. Very nice. These seem to be all the rage at the moment

  3. I wasn't even familiar with these, but I think I may need to get this. I am working on terrain at the moment, and this looks perfect.

  4. Good job on it. I have ony heard good things about these mats so far.

  5. Very nice indeed, sounds like a great purchase.

  6. Even without the seams, that's a pretty damn good fit. I'd never heard of Zuzzy before so thanks for the tip.


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