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Lazarus is just one of many places where humanity holds on by a thread, and life and death come as easily as a roll of the dice.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Acheson ATZ Minis - Pt 3 (Males Crazies and Cultists #1 Painted)

Today, we have the second set 4 minis from the Acheson ATZ minis, entitled Males Crazies and Cultists #1.  Again, these figures paint up much better than the Acheson site would suggest. 

These figures make nice modern survivor types.  Starting from the left, we have a figure with a  field jacket and a P90 style SMG.  The hand I had issues with in my original post paints up well enough; although better sculpting, or casting would be more desirable.  Next is a figure with decently sculpted dreadlocks and an M-79 grenade launcher, who is wearing coveralls.  Instead of a survivor, the fig would work just as well as a modern criminal.  Next we have a man in a contamination suit, with a flame thrower.  This is one of the nicer figs of this type I've seen.  The stance is very natural, IMO. You can imagine him contemplating whether that approaching group are undead, or rag tag survivors.  Lastly,  we have a dwarf (not a youngster) wielding an M-60 machine gun.  Once painted it's obvious he's not a youngster, like I thought originally.  The fig has an awesome Elvis pompadour hair style.  I painted him to look like he is wearing a Mo. Conservation Dept. uniform.  Don't ask why, I just thought it worked.


  1. Nice paintjobs sir. I to like the flamethrower guy out of this bunch the post is very good and i like the look of the tanks on the back

  2. Nice work. Like Brummie I like the flamethrower guy best.

  3. Good stuff. I love the shading and the detailing. Especially the guy in the HAZCHEM suit.

  4. Flame dude is a bit freaky!

    Compensating for anything? Hehe...

    Job well done Sir!

  5. Great job on these. I like the shading on the green coat on the first mini.

  6. very nice, the guy in the hazmat suit looks wicked !

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