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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wargames Factory Zombies

I picked these figs up at a convention, last year, on the cheap.  I put the multi-part plastic figs together, and wasn't really impressed.  They languished on the shelf for a long time.  For the price I paid, they were a great bargain, though.  The quality and crispness of the parts leaves a lot to be desired.  In the end, though, they painted up well enough to fill out a zombie horde.

Some of the figs you can put together are nice figs; others, though not so much.  Here's a pic of some of my more favorite finished figs.  You can see that I used some Mantic zombie heads, in place of the WGF ones. They work with some of the torsos.

I used a speed painting technique I read about on the Lead Adventure Forum.  Basically, you prime in a light color, and then use washes and stains to finish the figs.  It was quick, about 4 hours to totally finish these 23 figs.  For quick and dirty, playable figs for the table, I may use it again.

For the record, the figs that WGF has in their on-line shop are painted very nicely, and show what someone with a lot of talent, time and patience could do with these figs; you should check them out.


  1. Nice job on those. That quick painting technique worked very well. I might have to try that on mine.

  2. Indeed nicely done considering the miniatures. I'm still umming about getting some of these I've read that after a few coats the details can be lost.

    I was thinking about painting them all white then as you said use washes to colour them to keep the paint thin

  3. they look great, i have to get a few packs

  4. I have a pack of those myself. I assembled and painted six, saw how bad the scultps are, and decided to paint them to see how they looked after that. I still wasn't impressed after that either. As a cheap way to collect a decent sized zombie horde, they do the job. You get what you pay for at the end of the day.

  5. As Zombie filler they arent bad, and that seems to be the concensus. I was planning on using that same technique from LAf to paint mine, only using a limited palette. Nicely done!

  6. I was pretty unimpressed with the figures too. However, I ended up painting them all with dead flesh skin and greyish everything else, and they ended up making a fairly decent looking Left-4-Dead-type horde. Another plus is that they're light and don't ned a lot of pampering. I don't keep them in a nice foam-lined carrying case, they all get thrown in a little plastic bin. They seem to be holding up fine.

    I agree with others that say they make good filler for your horde.

  7. 4 hours! That's an EPIC effort for so little time, well done.

  8. I wouldn't be too critical of your paint-job they look eminenly usable to me. I'm considering trying to convert a few of these into corpses, but for "filling out or padding" a largehorde I think these figures are ideal.

  9. Dipped min, they came out ok...


  10. I agree with you regarding the Wargames Factory zeds ... not brilliant, but as Lead Legion said - you get what you pay for.

    I wound up using half of mine as corpses, as a (somewhat blurry) pic here:

    shows ...


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