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Lazarus is just one of many places where humanity holds on by a thread, and life and death come as easily as a roll of the dice.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My "Clicky" Zombie Horde Grows

About mid December, I received a package, containing some Horrorclix figures; most of which were zombies.  I managed to pick them up on the cheap and have been able to bulk up my "Clicky" zombie horde by 15, for a total of 20. A little bit of converting, a little bit of painting; add in the five I already have completed,  and here are the results.

The first group of new zombies are some "Zombie Cops". I swapped a head with a "Shambling Zombie" on one figure (the one with the hat on), and a Mantic zombie head on another.  Three were painted as policemen, while the fourth was done up like a security guard

The next group are three "Shambling Zombies" and a "Pod Zombie".  Again, some head swaps, and the removal of a torn off arm.  The "Pod Zombie" is just a straight up rebase/repaint. He's a little out there; I figure he's been in a swamp for a while and just arrived on the scene.

The next group are female entries into the horde.  Three "Sorority Zombies" and a "Cheerleader Zombie"  Like the "Pod Zombie", these are straight rebase/repaints.  I have to say that so far, these are the weakest zombie figs in the lot; especially the face on the cheerleader (even if she is quite bubbley with her intestine pom-poms and skip in her walk).  They work, though.
Last but not least, we have some "Zombie Lawyers".  Who doesn't like to see deceased lawyers?  Getting to off them a second time is just gravy. :-)  It's hard to see, but I repositioned the foot on the one in blue to face forward.  Other than that and removing the letter openers from a couple of them, they are straight forward.

Check back in a couple of days as I post a pic of the horde, along with Big John and his new Friends.


  1. Wow, great job on those. Your repaints are very well done.

  2. Very nicely painted will certainly flesh out the horde

  3. great job,your painting is fantastic, i love the security guys

  4. I do like your conversion work. Paintwork on all of them is excellent. Good work!

  5. Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiinnssss...........

    Absolutely great work!!!!

  6. Zombie lawyer rocks! :D

    Just dislike the Pod Zombie, the green bits seem odd to me.

  7. Great conversion work and paint jobs, they've turned out superbly!


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